Technical Tips for Adults & Children

Technical Tips for Dyslexic Adults & Children by Caroline Bateman, Technology Consultant

Caroline Bateman is a learning technology consultant. Her three children are all dyslexic and she is too. Caroline understands how dyslexia can badly affect self-esteem and confidence. She believes, when used effectively, Information Technology is vital to enable dyslexics to achieve their potential. After working in IT in her early professional life, Caroline turned her attention to finding technology to help overcome the difficulties with learning experienced by dyslexics. She found solutions she used with her children, now all successfully studying at university or for A ‘levels, and set up her own company, ‘Achieve Now’. Caroline says, ‘Having successfully helped many dyslexics exceed expectations, I am passionate about passing on what I’ve seen work. I want to save others the time, stress, money, anxiety and frustration my family went through.’