Returning to School

Returning to school post pandemic lockdown; What can we expect from our children? by Amanda Glenin, Specialist Teacher & Assessor

“Whether your child has had a brief opportunity to return to school before the end of term or if September will be a new journey after home schooling, there is certainty that things will be unfamiliar and changed after this pandemic crisis. It is obvious that everyone wants schools open for our children but for those with SEND we should consider possible specific and unique challenges ahead.

As a Specialist Teacher who’s worked remotely with pupils online during the school closures, I speak briefly about my experiences of home learning, pupil engagement and consider how we might be able to start tackling unpredictable and sometimes vast gaps in learning that must exist. I feel it is important to have an open conversation to discuss wellbeing and apprehension that could hinder the transition period when returning back to school - and, let’s face it - children, parents and teachers will have different viewpoints!

Then, to round off, I explored some of the reputable publications about ‘recovery teaching and returning to school’, including touching on the “National Tutoring Programme”, EHC Plan risk assessments that are required and, finally, why you may see differences between schools and the choices they make for their return.”

We think it likely we shall have to continue to use Zoom for meetings in the near future. We have speakers booked and will discuss with them about presenting online. There will be further information in September about how these meetings will take place.