Executive Functioning and Dyslexia

Executive Functioning and Dyslexia a talk by Victoria Bagnall

Executive functioning (EF) is a set of mental skills; it includes working memory, flexible thinking and self-control – skills we use to ’get things done’. All students can benefit from understanding about executive skills – how their brains work, how it affects their learning and behaviour and how they can use this information e.g. to revise, complete homework and manage everyday life.

There are some children and young people who are often bright and able but they may struggle with everyday tasks, such as keeping track of time, making plans, starting and staying focused on tasks, keeping track of their belongings, maintaining control of their emotions. These can include those who are neuro-diverse - living with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD.

As a dyslexic, Victoria Bagnall was challenged with her executive functions, and her mission to help others with EF challenges is a personal one. She trained as a teacher and then SEN teaching and she is also a mum of 3 under 10 year olds. Victoria co-founded and is Managing Director of Connections in Mind which supports the development of executive functioning in children, adolescents and adults through 1:1 coaching and running groups.

Victoria explains what EF is, how it works, and strategies parents/teachers could use to help the development of their children’s/young people’s EF.ps on coping in an educational setting.